Product Details


  • 1 off,  Pro WP18 rigid neck x 4mtr water cooled TIG torch c/w Multi Wave fittings
  • 1 off,  400amp x 5mtr 35mm² earth lead with 35-50mm² Dinse plug
  • 1 off,  2mtr 20bar 6mm ID argon hose c/w 3/8th nut
  • 1 off,  415V 32amp 5-pin red plug
  • 5 years warranty
  • NOTE: WP18 longer 8mtr torch available upon request
  • NOTE: WP18-flexi neck option available upon request
  • NOTE: 5mtr / 10mtr / 15mtr argon hose extensions 3/8th with 3/8th male/male couplers available upon request
  • NOTE: Foot pedal available upon request part no. JFC-08
  • NOTE: Single-Stage 2-Gauge argon regulators, Y-Piece twin 3/8th outlet valves, 14ltr and 25ltr flow meters, and 5mtr argon purging hose kits available upon request.