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Welding Perfection with ESAB

We invited all welders and fabricators to join us at our exclusive event with ESAB, the world-leading industrial equipment manufacturer company.

Learning Welding

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A massive thanks to ESAB for the Demo Bus coming to Spectrum Welding Supplies Ltd . It’s absolutely amazing how good that trailer is, and what a powerhouse of a company.

I can’t thank everyone enough for coming down, and I’m really proud to have hosted this event today 💛🖤 We got some good snaps 📸 and finally caught Dean Owen ‘s best angles 😂🥲

Beautiful welds, and loads learned. The ESAB demonstrators are the best I’ve seen, and know the equipment inside out. These Demo Bus open days really are good for knowing how to max a machine out for your application. What was quite revealing was that when you stand back and look at this new entire Ultimate Line-Up range, there’s nothing that even comes close to any of it, when it comes to quality, design and cost.

The ESAB Rogue ET 230iP AC/DC TIG & Renegade ET 210iP TIG were put to the test by our customers, with outstanding results. I cannot get my head round how mind-blowing the ET 230iP AC/DC digital display is though. Under each setting option it literally has an description of what it is you’re adjusting and why ie. Balance / Hertz / Wave shapes, and how it’ll affect your weld.

What was really interesting to see was not much pizza I ate🍕, but the Rustler EM 350 Pro Synergic MIG welding vertical with ESAB Shield-Bright flux-cored wire, with 80/20 shielding gas… with no spatter. Bizarre to see such impeccable results, and we all learnt something about that machine.

The Warrior Edge 500 DX performed unbelievable root runs from narrow to wide prep, showing everyone how impressive ROOT process really is.

Loads of great things to come with ESAB & us.

Thanks again everyone xx

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