Nederman Eliminator 860 Fume Extractor for fume torch

£2,300.00 exc VAT

The new FE 860 is specifically developed for on-torch applications.

We have now added the ability to adjust the suction with a knob on the control panel. The scale makes it easy for the user to learn what settings are correct for the specific torch and type of welding and the pressure-sensor automatically controls the motor to maintain the desired flow as the filter gets saturated.

Once the maximum capacity of the motor has been reached an alarm lets the operator know that the filter is full. The increased capacity of the motor, the new 50 millimeter hose and the improved mechanical design, means performance is improved by 50% to 25 kPa and an airflow of 180 m3/h. The result is unit that works in more demanding on-torch applications and with longer filter life.

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Product Description

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Economic model with durable construction and basic controls providing fume extraction for light-intermittent duty welding. Ideal for extraction nozzles directly at source. Convenient. Compact and lightweight makes unit easy to transport for flexible fume extraction in a variety of workspaces. Flexible. Adaptable for on-torch or source capture hood applications with optional models that offer further adjustability and automation options. Reliable. Rugged design with metal enclosure and reinforced extraction hose that hold up in industrial environments. Effective. Optional nanofiber technology offers high efficiency capture of weld fume and delivers clean air back to the workplace

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