ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i

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£2,900.00 exc VAT

This ESAB DeWALT Digital battery powered stick welder has raised the bar in a big way. For working on site you no longer have to worry about what power supply is available, or the need for 200amp petrol and even 300amp diesel welder generators, eliminating fume emissions. It can be carried absolutely anywhere, whether in the middle of a field, up a flight of stairs, or in a Z60 cherry picker basket on a roof.

Click this link to see our LinkedIn review of the new VOLT™ and the Ultimate Line-up.

With a massive 80 volts OCV (standard stick welders have approx. 68 OCV only capable of 6013 electrodes) and special hot start / arc force features, it’s capable of laying down notoriously difficult 6011 cellulosic electrodes like warm butter on toast, and welding up to 30x 3.2mm 7018 rods on 4x DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT 12Ah batteries, and up to 50x 4.0mm 7018 rods on 4x DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT 15Ah batteries (before needing to change them).

The Renegade VOLT is the ultimate portable stick welder for remote, offsite, or hard-to-reach locations., capable of welding up to 4.0mm 7018 electrodes. This machine can also be used on 110V and 240V when not used on battery power.

ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i battery powered stick welder (110/240V) package includes 4x 12amp DeWALT batteries, charger, strap and 5 meter earth and electrode leads.

Part no. 0447800883

3 years warranty.


Product Description

Introducing the battery powered ESAB Renegade VOLT

We also stock spare DeWALT XR FLEXVOLT 15Ah battieres @ £240 + VAT each. This 15Ah upgraded version of the 12amp batteries the Renegade Volt comes with, enables it to weld up to 50 electrodes instead of 30.


  • 1x welder & battery case, shoulder strap, 3m leads, 4x batteries, 1x charger.
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Additional information

  • 110V / 240V dual voltage when powered by mains.
  • 140 amps output on 110V AC mains
  • 200 amps output on 230V AC mains
  • 160amps output on 110V AC mains & battery power combined
  • Up to 140 amps output on battery power
  • AMP+ Hybrid Mode for extra power
  • Lightweight and portable battery powered welder
  • Durable, impact-resistant housing
  • Sun-friendly, intuitive user interface
  • Memory storage for welding parameters


1 review for ESAB Renegade VOLT ES 200i

  1. Andrew

    We bought one off Spectrum back in December, and it’s one of the best purchases we’ve made. We’ve taken the Mosa CS 230 YSX generator out of the van, as the ESAB Volt is able to do the same stick weld repairs we do on site with the Mosa genny, which saves us fuel cost transporting 300kg around, and van weight and space in general. Because all our powertools are also battery powered, we also didn’t need the 110V auxiliary socket on the Mosa.

    The Volt is a whopping bit of kit, and made life so much easier. Thank you.

    • Joe Fitzpatrick

      Hi mate. This is so good to hear. Like we disucssed at Christmas the machine will pay for itself very quickly. The whole design idea of the Volt is to make life much easier and get the job done quicker will less hassle.

      Portable battery powedered welding also has the potential to open up new opportunities you mentioned to me for quarry maintenance site work, as you’ll be able to carry it around on the shoulder strap, it’ll fit in the tight cage elevators that are on those sites, and it will appease Tarmac’s strict site safety regulations surrounding no 240V and no petrol generators allowed. The Volt will just be a major asset all round for the stick welding you do throughout the week.

      Thanks again, and see you soon.

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