ESAB Warrior Edge 500 CX II Synergic Pulse water cooled MIG welder package

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£8,000.00 exc VAT

The new ESAB Warrior Edge 500 CX model pulsed MIG @ £8,000 is in stock here today at Spectrum, Chesterfield. The Edge 500 CX is a whole new level of high quality synergic pulsed MIG, and is the best welder on the market for mild steel, stainless and aluminium. We know this machine inside out, and offer free training so your operators hit the ground running and max it out as intended, to vastly improve quality, increase, production times, and reduce defect downtime.

See the last image in the gallery of pics, which were Warrior Edge test welds we carried out using ESAB Shield-Bright 308L X-tra 1.2mm flux-cored gas-shielded MIG welding wire on 304. No spatter, super smooth and stunning welds.

The Warrior Edge is a future proof concept design, and when connected to Wi-Fi can be upgraded like a Smart Phone. This means ESAB continually improve the pre-programming, so the welding gets better over time with additional settings unlocked and added.

When combined with optional ESAB WeldCloud software, this flagship bit of equipment will level up your company in every way possible.

In stock at Spectrum today. Free demonstrations also available upon request.

The ESAB Warrior Edge 500 DX model pulsed MIG @ £10,000 will be in stock at Spectrum February 2024, and will include all additional features for aluminium pulse MIG welding, SPEED, THIN and ROOT (STT) settings.

ESAB WeldCloud software is built into the Warrior Edge with ESAB software add-ons such as WeldCloud Fleet for machine management, WeldCloud Notes for weld monitoing, and the most popularWeldCloud Productivity‘ for weld analysis.

Each of the optional Productivity, Notes and Fleet software license annual subsciption is £400 per software per Warrior Edge per year. For the first year after purchasing your new Warrior Edge from Spectrum, we offer all 3 WeldCloud software’s @ £600 (year 1 bundle), and after that year 2 WeldCloud software buddle package is £1,200 per year per Warrior Edge. The time you will save on paperwork for CE marking, ISO 9001, BS EN 1090-3 documentaion, is blindblowing. Plus WeldCloud will be infinity more detailed and comprehensive, which will impress our customer’s customer with the data they can now be provided with, generated by the Warrior Edge & Weld Cloud.

WeldCloud Productivity and Notes are the ultimate easy to use tools in the new modern era of precision weld traceability. Everything you could ever want to know about your welds, the Warrior Edge 500 Wi-Fi will feed that data directly into your computer. No more paperwork to fill out. Email to learn more about the genius of WeldCloud.

CX Features include:

  • Adaptive optimized Pulse MIG process that compensates for operator variation with an easy, user-friendly setup designed to achieve excellent weld results.
  • New fetaure SPEED provides a focused arc that allows the welder to better and easier handle the weld puddle at higher travel speeds, increasing the productivity, reducing dilution rate (base metal weakening by heat distorition), whilst maximising penetration.

Product Description

Fact Sheet

Download the ESAB Warrior Edge CX II Fact sheet (pdf)

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Additional information


  • CX Synergic Pulse Powersource
  • 0.8mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm mild steel SPEED setting enabled
  • 0.8mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm mild steel PULSE settings enabled
  • 1.0mm and 1.2mm stainless PULSE settings enabled
  • 1.2mm and 1.6mm aluminium PULSE settings enabled
  • Robust Feed Edge feeder inc. Digital Gas
  • Water cooled
  • 70mm² x 5mtr interconnection cable (power source to feeder reach)
  • Exeor 4mtr water cooled torch
  • 600amp x 5mtr x 70mm² earth lead
  • Agron hose fitted with 3/8th nut
  • Trolley
  • 415V 32amp 5-pin red plug
  • Connected to ESAB WeldCloud (Wi-Fi or ethernet cable required)
  • All torch consumables in stock also available
  • Free welder training on-site or in our workshop
  • WeldCloud Productivity, Notes and Fleet software bundle annual subsciption offer @ £600 year 1, £1,200 year 2 onwards.
Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 700 × 325 × 680 cm


1 review for ESAB Warrior Edge 500 CX II Synergic Pulse water cooled MIG welder package

  1. Joe Fitzpatrick

    The Warrior Edge 500 ‘CX II’ model @ £8,000, is specifically designed for mild steel and stainless. This comes with Digital Gas and Speed, with the Speed feature producing mind-blowing results on mild steel (subject to the thickness and material). We’ve used the pulse MIG mode to welding 316 LSi, Neo Nickel 253, and 2209 duplex, and the results were flawless.

    You couldn’t wish for better welds, and that is what the Warrior Edge is all about. It can tackle everything, anywhere, whether it’s general day to mild steel fabrication, or a nuclear reactor, this is the machine to do it.

    The Warrior Edge ‘DX’ model @ £10,000 which comes out in 2024, will have all the additional features made available, such as aluminium MIG, Root (which is STT for pipe root), Deep, Thin, and Vertical. The DX will be for tackling any and all weird and wonderful materials and applications that need special settings, for gauranteed results. Root settings for pipe welding will be a game changer, and is a modern equivalent to Lincoln Electric STT (Surface Tension Transfer). Root parameters will vastly increase pipe productivty, improve penetration results without blowng through, and make life easier when welding pipe preps (TIG root hot pass still required subject to application).

    The below is a short summary of what the Warrior Edge 500 CX II welder (with ‘Digital Gas’ and ‘Speed’ settings) and WeldCloud system represents, moving forward into a new era of modern technology. This package is where the future of welding and fabrication is going, because it makes life easy, and adds a new level of professionalism that didn’t exist before. The information you’d gather from ESAB’s WeldCloud (connected to the Warrior Edge machine) is fascinating, and a lot can be learned about how a job is being welded. WeldCloud is especially helpful if you are working to a lot of weld procedures, or want to start incorporating and monitoring more weld procedures, with a software that sees everything.

    1. The ESAB Warrior Edge is the best MIG welder on the market for any thickness (best penetration / lower dilution rates / faster welds / higher deposition rates), and is the ultimate approach to improving everything that can be.

    2. WeldCloud will fully document and track welds, proving and confirming correct penetration welds are put into every prep.

    3. WeldCloud will give you insight into every aspect of what the Warrior Edge is doing each day / week / month ie. kg deposited and minutes used etc.

    4. WeldCloud is much quicker method of producing traceability data.

    5. Full backup, support, and training from Spectrum and ESAB.

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