ESAB LAF 1001 & Versotrac EWT 1000 submerged arc tractor welding package

£27,000.00£31,000.00 exc VAT

ESAB LAF 1001 power source & Versotrac EWT 1000 submerged arc tractor has been designed to be the most practical, versatile and easy to use tractor system, ever made. With the input from real life user experience, ESAB factored in every possible flexibly required to automate a submerged arc weld.

Both metal and rubber wheel versions are available in stock here at Spectrum. Available with a 15mtr, 25mtr or 50mtr twin 95mm² interconnection cable, and a 10mtr twin earth as standard (longer earth lead available upon request).

1400amp rotary earth available upon request, and in stock.

Price includes a 3 year warranty.

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Product Description

Versotrac EWT 1000 specification

Say goodbye to cranes and other heavy lifting devices. This is a truly modular tractor and perfect for heavy fabrication job sites, like ships, barges, offshore, wind tower and structural steel applications. It can also be set up fast, without tools, and you can even switch between SAW and GMAW with ease. Plus, its rugged, modularized components can be disassembled into smaller units, hand-carried into confined or remote spaces, and then re-assembled in minutes.

Ergonomic handles make it simpler than ever to adjust the welding path or just get going. Once you do, Versotrac is ready to take on the most demanding jobs in the toughest environments. Its robust wire feed can weld single wire up to 5 mm, with an output up to 1,000 A at 100%, for heavy-duty welding. And the available twin configuration allows for even higher productivity.

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Additional information

Features of the ESAB Versotrac 100

  • Modularised system, so the tractor can be disassembled into smaller units for easier transportation.
  • Robust wire feed mechanism that can weld mild steel wire up to 5 mm up to 1000A @ 100%
  • Automatic weld head detection and setup to change between SAW, GMAW and gouging quickly.
  • Intuitive user interface with realtime heat input keeps you in control of the weld
  • Tool-less interaction makes it easy to change weld point position and switch between butt and fillet welding.

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Weight 65 kg



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