Jasic Evo MIG 200 Digital Synergic portable MIG welder

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£1,300.00 exc VAT

The new and improved Jasic Evo MIG 200 Synergic dual voltage compact portable inverter welder is equipped with Jasic’s next generation synergic pre-set technology.

  1. Synergic self-setting mode for low spatter / improved penetration / better looking welds / quick and easy setup.
  2. Digital readout for accurate parameter settings.
  3. Dual voltage 110V and 240V with PFC for use on 30mtr (4mm² 3-core) extension lead.

We’ve welded with these extensively, and they make MAG welding that much easier. Designed for welding up to 8mm to 8mm plate with 0.8mm solid wire, the EVO MIG 200 produces gorgeous welds without needing to trim the synergic settings. They a pack a punch for a little single-phase set, and there isn’t a portable welder on the market ‘for the money’, as good as the Evo MIG 200.

See the sales brochure for this MIG Welder.

See Jasic’s manufacturer info for the Jasic Evo MIG 200 MIG Welder.


Product Description

  • Ergonomic design for carrying
  • ClearVision technology
  • Intelligent synergic control
  • Adaptable 110-240V wide voltage range
  • Power factor correction (PFC)
  • Generator friendly
  • Welding engineer mode
  • Consistent and efficient MIG spot welding performance
  • Flexible remote control solutions (optional)
  • Quick factory reset; auto sleep mode
  • Compatible with MIG digital torch and spool gun
  • LED inside wire feeder cabinet; handy accessory storage slot
  • ABAP: Active Balancing Air Passage
  • Fan on demand
  • Voltage Reduction Device (VRD)
  • Key power electronic component protection
  • Overcurrent and overheat protection
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Equipment Type

MIG Welding



Supply Voltage

110V, 240V

MIG Feeder Reach


1 review for Jasic Evo MIG 200 Digital Synergic portable MIG welder

  1. Joe Fitzpatrick

    All my reviews are based on the merits of a machine in its class, such as build quality, cost, features, reliability, equivalent models, and warranty etc. Therefore, a lesser, cheaper and more basic machine, can get 5 stars, vs a much more superior machine only getting 3 stars, as it is reviewed based on its proposed performance. So, I try and evaluate a fair rating, based on this system of tried and tested over time, as we handle all these machines extensively, having hired them out to every corner of the UK every week, for many, many years, and come up against every single possible type of application, and site related challenge.

    Over the last 11 years, we’ve sold countless of the Jasic MIG 200 (ZXJM-200C) predecessor, which was just a bomb proof machine, and never went wrong. Admittedly, 11 years ago, during the early days upon the MIG 200 release, an initial R&D weaning out parts and design process allowed for MIG 200 to eventually become the excellent best seller we’ve come to know.

    Now, the Evo MIG 200 is here to take it’s place, but is it better?

    Answer in short, yes, a lot better, but not in every way.

    1. This is all 3 previous Jasic MIG 200 240V / MIG 200 PFC Dual-Voltage / and MIG 200 Digital Synergic 240V, all in one, but with even more advanced new technology.
    2. The Synergic MIG weld mode is outstanding, and produces beautiful spatter free welds.
    3. The digital screen is well laid out, very easy to use.
    4. This machine can stick weld 7018 low-hydrogen and 6011 cellulosic electrodes.
    5. The Evo MIG is also PFC single-phase dual voltage, and can still operate when plugged into 3 off 15mtr 2.5mm² – 4.0mm² power supply extension leads (never 1.5mm²) 110V or 240V 32amp plug / socket. You can also run them fine off 2 off 15mtr 2.5mm² 16amp extension lead with blue 240V plug, however just not a full power.

    However, the body build quality isn’t as heavy duty as it ought to be, to withstand being thrown around a van, site wear and tear, and is a little bit flimsy and plasticky. But, there has to be cut backs on certain design elements to keep the cost down to just £1,240, yet still get an awful lot for your money. Remember though, you just need to look after it a little more than other machines available, such as the awesome ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic Synergic MIG, which is the best single-phase MIG in its class, but is priced accordingly @ £1,800 net inc. 3 years warranty.

    You get what you pay for, and the Jasic Evo MIG 200 @ £1,300 net inc. 5 years warranty is well worth the money.

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