1.2mm ESAB OK AristoRod 12.50 mild steel bare MIG welding wire | 18kg

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The AristoRod wires are suitable for operating at high currents with maintained disturbance free wire feeding giving a stable arc with a low amount of spatter.

OK AristoRod 12.50 delivered in the unique Esab Octagonal Marathon Pac, is excellent for mechanised welding applications. Marathon Pac allows for much more efficient and effective usage, mainy to time save not having to regulury change reels over.

Weight: 18kg reel

Product Description

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Additional information

We at Spectrum went out to ESAB in Sweden this year in 2023, where their headquarters and factories are in Gothenburg, and Laxå. The ESAB wire mill in Göteborg is staggeringly impressive, using the best quality materials, and the best method of manufacturing. There is a reason ESAB make the best welding consumables in the world, and why their patented 'Aristorod' MIG wire coating is the best you can get.

The non copper coated OK AristoRod 12.50 is a manganese-silicon alloyed solid wire for GMAW of unalloyed steels, such as general structural, pressure vessel, ship building and for fine-grained carbon-manganese steels for the same purpose with a minimum yield strength of max 420 MPa.

The wire electrode (positive '+' polarity) can be welded with either an Argon / CO₂ gas mixture (95/5 - 88/12 - 80/20), or with pure CO₂ as the shielding gas.



All Weld Material

Mild Steel

Equipment Type

MIG Welding

Weld Metal Type

MIG Filler Metal

Filler Classification



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