Jasic TIG 200 AC/DC Pro Pulse Mini Digital air cooled welder

£1,100.00 exc VAT

TIG 200 AC/DC Mini Spec Sheet

We think this is one of the best value for money 240V AC/DC TIG welders on the whole market. At just £1,100, you’re getting an aluminium TIG welder package complete (machine, torch, earth, argon hose, regulator, 5 years warranty) with all the necessary settings for most AC applications, as well as a stable and smooth AC arc when @ 150+amps.

So you know you’re making the best investment, we’ll always quote several options so you can decide what you need and why. For example, if you’re wanting to dive into the deep end with the best of the best (bike frames, cars, sculptures, critical prodcution etc), then the only other single-phase AC TIG welder we sell and recommend is the high-end ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC 5 in 1 welder package @ £2,800. The Rebel 205 has additional AC features compared to the Jasic 200 Mini, such as independent amplitude and amperage control offset, which allows EP and EN amperages to be set independently to precisely control heat input to the work and electrode. This setting is like an additional AC balance fine tune, which means super clean results on AC with a sharpened tunsgten. If the Rebel 205 isn’t needed and not within your budget, stick with the Jasic 200 Mini.

Capable of welding aluminium up to 6mm to 6mm for short durations, it’s become the go to for hobby welders looking to learn new skills, and professionals needing quality results and reliability.

We’ve spoken with customers at length about the Jasic 200 Mini model, and the feedback has always been very positive. The AC Balance and Hertz will get you ‘easy to achieve’ clean results, it’s user friendly, and the 200 AC/DC Mini rarely go wrong since they were released 4 years ago.

Part no. JT-200DS


Product Description

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Additional information

  • 240V single-phase
  • TIG Pulse AC/DC with digital control
  • Digital display
  • Program memory storage
  • Easy to use, intuitive control panel
  • Pre-post flow time, up/down slope
  • Pulse adjustment
  • Pulse frequency, pulse duty
  • AC Balance cleaning adjustment (15-85)
  • AC Hertz adjustment (20-250)
  • Arc force adjustment
  • Remote control interface
  • AC function for aluminium and aluminium alloys
  • Heavy duty 35-50mm Dinse sockets
  • DC TIG function for carbon steel, copper and non-ferrous metals
  • High speed pulse with precise adjustment for ultimate weld bead
  • Generator friendly (8 kVA ARV required)**
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 43.5 × 16 × 34 cm


Equipment Type

TIG Welding


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