350amp ESAB Rustler EM 350C Pro Synergic compact air cooled MIG welder for hire and sale

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New MIG welder demo day in our workshop! See attached pics of us with Dean Owen of ESAB – A love story 💛🖤

In stock for sale @ £2,400 + VAT inc. 3 years warranty, and available to hire.

ESAB Rustler Review

This week’s test was on the new ESAB Rustler EM 350C Pro Synergic air cooled MIG welder. We’ve added these to our hire fleet, and sale stock, and what an amazing bit of kit. I’ll start by saying I can’t believe how far welding technology has come even in the last 2 years. The Synergic MIG mode on this is out of this world, and produced incredible quality welds, with such ease. I know ESAB spent a lot of time perfecting the synergic PCB programming lines for this Rustler, and new present day synergic tech like this, makes older manual MAG seem so basic.

Unbelievably, ESAB have also put the same Robust PRECI-DRIVE® true 4-roll feed system on this Rustler, which is the best, most powerful and smoothest wire feed system on the market. Evidently, I’m going to go on to write a rather passionate review, and blind up you with more enthusiasm than you expected to experience today 😂

Thanks to Dean, we’ve been shown optimum configurations to make this beauty sing 👨🏻‍🏭Interestingly when the Rustler Burn Back is set to 0.08, it’s the magic number to create the same effect as ESAB’s ‘SCT’ feature (Short Circuit Termination), meaning it keeps the wire sharp after a weld, eliminating the need to snip the wire ball off.

Also, the picture of the MIG run was with 85% Argon / 15% Co2, with basic copper-coated mild steel MIG wire, and there’s barely any spatter💥We’ll be doing tests with a 95/5 shielding gas and OK Aristorod 12.63 copper-free bare MIG wire (higher silicone for super smooth immaculate wetting), and I’m excited to see how clean that’ll be. The amount of down time and post-weld clean-up these Synergic welds will save is actually mind-blowing. I’ll never sell another tin of Aristo anti-spatter again! 🫠

All this in one machine that been very well thought out, designed to still be heavy duty, survive harsh environments, easy to use, has modern technology for superior welds, looks sexy, and available to buy from us at just £2,400 net (You can buy the ESAB Rustler on this website). Also on offer is a slightly cheaper standard ESAB Rustler EM 350 compact, but we’ll only be suppling the synergic model.

In a few years of selling and hiring them I’ll report back, but as long as they don’t blow up then I’m pretty sure there’s no compact MIG even close to the ESAB Rustler EM 350C, based on how affordable they are. They’ll be available to order on our new E-commerce page next month, having finally sorted the E-commerce out yay!

For the above reasons, this is why we test all of our machines, to fully understand every and all parameter setting. We can then, and only then, be honest and confident supplying the equipment. It’s really important to us that our customers get maximum value from their order with us, whether hired or purchased.

Check out one of the test plates in the pics, which has lived a hard life being cut up and welded on, but it’s taught us a few things about machines.

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