1000amp ESAB Aristo® 1000 AC/DC SAW submerged arc welder

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Multi-purpose heavy duty AC/DC provides a flexible solution for any welding job – DC, balanced AC or unbalanced AC. The 1000A @ 100% duty cycle and the ability to control penetration and deposition make this machine the only SAW power source you need.

  • Increase productivity up to 65% compared to DC+ welding by using the higher deposition rate of unbalanced AC with the same heat input.
  • High quality and consistent reliability CableBoost patented technology ensures the performance of the power source is unaffected even when long welding cables are used. What you set is what you get.
  • Non-stop root to cap welding allows change over from DC welding to AC welding ‘on the fly.’
  • True Square Wave Technology™ delivers the optimum wave form to overcome issues traditionally impacting AC welding. This technology increases process stability compared to conventional AC power sources.

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