200amp Jasic Evo 200 Arc PFC 110-240V MMA stick welder

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In stock for sale @ £450 + VAT inc. 5 years warranty, and available to hire.

These Jasic Evo 200 electrode arc stick welders pack a punch, with 78V OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) capable of welding OK 48.00 7018 low-hydrogen electrodes. This EA-200 model is actually incredibly well made, and the same price as the ESAB Rogue ES 200 stick welder. We’d possibly say the Evo Arc 200 is the best single-phase stick welder on the market for the money, based on the features and 5 years warranty.

It has everything a stick welder would need, from anti-stick, adjustable hot start, arc force, advanced fine tune setup, digital screen, performs like a 415V 3-phase machine, intelligent synergic control, with loads of new modern technology crammed in it, and they weld super smooth.

We’ve never tried an ESAB Nufive 6010/6011 cellulostic electrode with this welder, but will report back when we test it.

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