400amp Lincoln Electric Invertec 400 TPX HF DC Water Cooled TIG Welding Machine with WP18-Flexi x 8mtr torch

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These Lincoln Electric Invertec 400TPX TIG welding machines are fitted with the Lincoln Electric Cool Arc 46 water coolers and mounted to the Lincoln Electric Invertec 400TPX trolley unit. It is an impressive machine, extremely reliable, and produce quality TIG welds.

The Cool Arc 46 6ltr cooler has been filled with Lincoln Electric’s official 5ltr coolant ‘Acorox’, which prolongs the life of the water coolers.

With 400amps at it’s disposal and a duty cycle of 300amps at 100%, the TPX 400 model has been a steadfast hire plant for us when going out welding stainless or mild steel. If you’re needing 1 or multiple 400amp DC HF water cooled TIG welders, then the Invertec 400TPX machines on our fleet are highly recommended.

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  • WP18-flexi head x 8mtr TIG torch
  • 70mm² x 5mtr earth lead
  • 10 Bar Argon Regulator
  • 2mtr Argon Hose
  • 4 or 5 pin 415V 32amp plug

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