800amp ESAB A6 Travelling Carriage Tandem Sub Arc Beam Welder with 2x PEH – LAF DC 1250 – TAF AC 800

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We have in stock a fully working twin head AC/DC tandem submerged arc beam welder, available for hire or to buy, including warranty, install, commissioning and training.

1 off ESAB LAF DC 1250 welder power source inc. primary cable

1 off ESAB TAF AC 800 welder power source inc. primary cable

2 off ESAB A6 PEH controllers

2 off ESAB A6 wire feeder head assemblies

2 off ESAB 300mm X/Y (left/right/up/down) fine tune powered slides inc. control panel and remote control

2 off ESAB OPC flux recovery units (compressed air required)

1 off ESAB 4mtr universal I-beam to suit

1 off ESAB bogie carriage system to suit

2 off ESAB 30kg wire spool holders

2 off ESAB flux holders

Delivery, install, commissioning, and training

6 months warranty.

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