450amp Jasic MIG 450 water cooled welder package 5mtr interlink for hire and sale

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In stock for sale @ £3,600 + VAT inc. 5 years warranty, and available to hire.

We’ve supplied countless Jasic MIG 450 water cooled welders to valued customers, and have had them on our hire fleet for 10+ years. We’ve come to know the 450 model inside out, and know every last detail of it’s capabilities, whether welding 0.8mm solid wire to 1.6mm ESAB OK Tubrod 15.14 flux-cored all-positional 1514167730.

The design is extremely user friendly, with just two knobs on the wire feeder (power and feed speed).

They don’t go wrong, and can plough in hot runs all day. You’ll get issues after a few years ‘if’ they aren’t serviced annually by Spectrum, and like most machines get filled with metal dust. We’ve seen the Jasic JWC-05 water cooler fail after a few years with improper glycol coolant (normal mineral water) causing clogging, resulting in the motor packing up.

Apart from being the best value for money water cooled MIG welder, based on design, reliability, good quality arc characteristic, the one thing I would say about the Jasic MIG 450 is that the back wheels on the trolley will break if the machine is ragged about over big lumps of steel in workshops etc. This is where machines like the ESAB Warrior 500 with indestructible trolleys come into their own, but at the price of £6,000 + VAT.

This Jasic MIG 450 is perfect for 9/10 mild steel MAG welding applications, but some environments will kill it.

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