TIG Welders - Water Cooled For Sale

TIG Welders and AC/DC TIG welders for hire

Spectrum has a wide range of TIG welders for hire, available for many industries: motorsport; aerospace; industrial fabrication; production line creation; large containers; industrial pipes and structures.

TIG welders use tungsten electrode combined with an inert shielding gas (argon) is used for this welding method. TIG welders are used in industry for precise welding.

TIG Welders are considered to be better than a MIG welder in the hands of a professional.AC/DC Tig welders are usually more expensive than a standard DC only TIG welding machine.

However, many choose the AC/DC TIG welder version as it is more versatile as DC TIG welders are used for welding materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel whereas the AC function on an AC/DC TIG welding hore would allow the user to weld aluminium and other materials.