Jasic MIG 350 Synergic Pulse Water Cooled MIG

£4,700.00 exc VAT

The Jasic MIG 350 synergic pulse water cooled MIG welder can be used on all materials such as mild steel to reduce spatter (up to approx. 12mm to 12mm before needing spray transfer), but mainly used on aluminium and stainless for the below reasons:

  1. Protects the base parent metal from unnecessary weld heat input (controlled droplets) / prevents warp and distort.
  2. Better penetration.
  3. Faster deposition rate (quicker welds).
  4. Neater / more precise / better controlled welds.
  5. Less spatter / fume.

We’ve supplied this model for years with very few issues, having had dozens on our hire fleet. It’s very easy to use with good quality results. Admittedly synergic pulsed technology has come on a long way since the JM-350P was first released, but for £4.7K it’s extremely good value.

For ultra high-end production level pulse MIG applications, then you need the ESAB Warrior Edge 500 @ £8K.

Product Description

Key Features

  • IGBT multi process Inverter
  • Synergic MIG/MAG pulse, double pulse and DC MMA
  • DSP digital technology for optimum welding performance
  • 4 Roll wire feed unit
  • Easy parameter settings for the operator
  • Synergic curves for common materials & wires
  • Self-diagnostic system
  • Encoder feedback control of wire feed system
  • Integrated water cooling system
  • Inverter trolley takes full size gas bottle

Package Includes

  • Machine / feeder / water cooler / trolley complete
  • Cooler filled with Glycol torch coolant
  • MB501 x 3mtr water cooled MIG torch c/w steel liner
  • 600amp x 5mtr 70mm² earth lead
  • 2mtr interlink (machine to feeder reach)
  • 2mtr 20bar 6mm ID 3/8th nut argon hose
  • 415v 32amp 5-pin red plug
  • 1.0mm – 1.2mm V-Groove solid MIG wire drive rollers
  • 1.2mm – 1.6mm U-Groove aluminium wire MIG wire drive rollers
  • 1 off, 3mtr x 1.2-1.6mm polyamide Teflon liner for aluminium & flux-cored wire
  • 5 years warranty.
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