Jasic Evo MIG 250 compact Synergic air cooled MIG welder

£1,500.00 exc VAT

Ultimately designed for welding 1mm to 1mm with 0.6mm wire, up to 12mm to 12mm mild steel with 1.0mm MAG wire, with vastly reduced spatter, and Synergic self-setting ease.

Introducing the Jasic Evo MIG 250 compact Synergic air cooled MIG welder, the ultimate welding companion packed full of important features, for all your fabrication needs.

With powerful IGBT components and a digital A/V display, this welder offers consistently reliable performance for even the most demanding and repetitive weld cycles. Its impressive 250 amps at 35% duty cycle ensures optimal results, making it the perfect choice for medium duty fabrication work.

Because of the new and improved technology in this machine, this welder will improve quality, efficiency, better weld penetration, reduced undercut, less spatter, better bead appearance, pre-programmed crater fill (4T trigger mode offers crater fill slope out when holding trigger in for ending a weld – page 37 of the manual), extremely easy to set and adjust in super quick time (especially important when switching between difference plate thicknesses).

But that’s not all! The Jasic Evo MIG 250 also comes with the option to weld in MMA (Stick) mode, with a high open circuit voltage (OCV) capable of welding 7018 and 6011 electrodes. If welding 4043 / 5356 aluminium up to 10mm to 10mm, connect our MB36 reference lead 8mtr Spool-on-Gun with 1.0mm mini-spool, for ultra-efficient snag-free aluminium welding.

Don’t miss out on this high-quality Synergic MIG/MAG welding machine, which delivers 3-phase performance on a 240v 32amp blue plug.

Upgrade to the Jasic Evo MIG 250 and experience the power of precision spatter free welding today.

Also available to hire.

Model: EM-250CT

Voltage: PFC 95-265V single-phase (110/240V)

Processes: MIG / Synergic MIG / MMA Stick

Wire capacity: 0.6mm / 0.8mm / 1.0mm solid wire

Product Description

The Jasic Evo MIG 250 includes.

Three welding processes: Standard/Synergic MIG, MMA
and DC Lift TIG.
• The EVO range offers a robust and industrial look with ergonomic design that includes Active Balancing Air Passage (ABAP).
Inbuilt power factor correction (PFC). Where the power factor is the ratio of true power (KW) divided by reactive power (kvar). Power factor value is between 0.0 and 1.00 and if the power factor exceeds 0.8, the device is using mains input power efficiently.
Wide Voltage mains input, this technology allows these to fully operate on mains input supplies seamlessly between 95V ~ 265V AC with auto compensation for mains voltage fluctuation.
• ClearVision digital control user panel technology.
• MIG features that include Synergic mode, dial in plate thickness, material, gas and wire size selection.
Spool gun compatible.
• EM-200CT has a 2 roll drive system and the EM-250CT has a 4 roll drive system.
• TIG feature that include, pre/post gas timers, down slope control and 2T/4T trigger modes.
• Machine features such as, quick factory reset function, auto sleep mode and voltage reduction device (VRD).
Fan on-demand which prolongs the life span of the internal fan which reduces the accumulation of grinding dust inside the machine.
• Overcurrent and overheat protection.
• MMA features that include, arc force, hot start current and anti-stick that offer easy arc starting, low spatter, stable current which offers good weld bead shape making this machine ideal for a wide range of electrodes.
• Parameters are automatically saved on shutdown and are restored automatically upon restarting the machine.
Wired remote control interface as standard via front panel mounted 9 pin socket.
• Optional wireless remote control is available.
• Heavy duty 35-50mm dinse sockets.
• Generator friendly.
• High quality finish to mouldings, under carriage trolley with swivel front wheels and cylinder support

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Equipment Type

MIG Welding

MIG Feeder Reach


Supply Voltage

110V, 240V


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