Welding Consumables for Sale

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We stock all types of welding consumables from safety equipment, to welding wire, to grinding discs, to power tools, to TIG torches and everything else associated with the welding industry:



  • TIG torches: 4 or 8 meter air or water cooled with straight or flexi heads
  • All spares for TIG torches including 1.6 mm – 4.0mm gas lenses, tungstens, every size and shape of ceramic cups, back caps, collets, collet bodies and a massive range of other parts
  • TIG Gloves, clothing and all PPE
  • Argon Regulators, Flow Meters and Fittings


  • MIG Torches: MB15, MB25, MB36, Bernard 400amp, Tweco No.4 400amp, Tweco No.5 500amp, MB501 water cooled 1 – 5 meter, Spool on Gun for Aluminium Welding and many more.
  • All grades, weights and thicknesses of welding wire from 2.4mm flux cored to HF 600 hard facing MIG wire.
  • Gauntlets, clothing and all PPE
  • Wire feeder spares, serrated drive rolls for flux cored, PCBs
  • All spares for all torches, earth clamps, leads and many more.
  • All types of Gas Regulators


  • All grades, weights and thickness of electrodes
  • Electrodes holders
  • Rod Quivers
  • Rod Ovens
  • Any and all consumables and many more.


  • A range of torches, detachable or hard wired into the machine
  • Electrodes, Nozzles, Gas Diffusers and all spares for torches
  •  A variety of air hose length and ID thickness


  • A wide range of Auto Darkening Light Reactive Welding Helmets with the option for Air Fed Units and many more
  • Gauntlets, TIG Gloves, Leather Drivers Gloves, Rubber Workers Gloves and many more
  • Overalls, gladiator welding sleeves, leather aprons, Proban Welding Hoods and many more
  • High Visibility Jackets, Vests and more


  • 18″/90° Cutting Torch
  • 27″/75° Cutting Torch
  • 36″/75° Cutting Torch (Any angled head available i.e 36″/90° or 180°)
  • 5m/10m/15m/20m/25m/30m or any length and thickness oxy/acetylene/propane bagging required, complete with fittings.
  • All shapes and sized gas ancillary fittings .ie. 1/4 nuts, 3/8th tails etc.
  • All gas regulators: ‘Single Stage Two Guage,’ ‘Two Stage Two Guage,’ ‘Guageless,’ ‘Nitrogen’ etc
  • Flow Meters with various LPM (litres per minute readings)
  • Every size of cutting/burning nozzle for acetylene/propane.
  • Flashback arrestors for Fuel and Oxygen
  • Pepper Pot Burning/Heating Nozzles and all special sized fittings.


  • Contact Tips for Lincoln Electric and ESAB
  • All grades and thicknesses of Sub Arc Welding Wire
  • All grades of Sub Arc Flux
  • Copper Extension Bars
  • Aluminium Flux Nozzles
  • Flux Hose Pipe
  • All spares for Lincoln Electric and ESAB controllers and heads