800amp ESAB LAF 1001 A2 PEK 4-wheel 25mtr submerged arc welder tractor for hire

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In stock for sale inc. 3 years warranty, and available to hire. Here at Spectrum, we have the UK’s largest fleet of submerged arc welder tractors, with multiple LAF 1001 A2 PEK in stock.

A few snaps of some of our hire plant ESAB LAF 1001 power sources c/w A2 PEK 4-wheel tractors (25mtr / 50mtr interconnection cable) submerged arc welders packages. These beastly machines have been laying down welds 24/7 on night shift for some time, without missing a beat. The guys have produced stunning runs 💥, that have passed inspection 🧐

The heavy bridge beams being welded had 2 ESAB sub arc welder power sources positioned in the middle of the beams, to enable the tractor unit interlink cable, to reach both ends. These were setup using ESAB 3.2mm wire and flux consumables, to achieve the required yield and tensile strength. The A2 tractors holding the weld tip, ran in opposite directions to each other, only passing once during the weld runs, keeping the interpass temperature down. This vastly sped the job up, with perfect results 🌉

We have a large fleet of ESAB SAW column & boom and tractor systems, and ESAB make the absolute best. The PEK controller is so easy to use, and the A2 tractor has massive adjustability to position the tip for butt welds, and is able to reach very difficult fillet welds.

These systems are a trackless design utilising runner guides, but can be used with track if needed. They can weld narrow diameter internal silo circumferentials because of their height clearance (no bendy track in the way), and have a range of V-wheel and steel wheels for running on preheated steel. ESAB have thought about everything to suit all welding applications. We are also looking forward to the brand new ESAB Versotrac sub arc welders we’re adding to the fleet.

SAW is what we specialise in as a hire plant company. We get involved in some really interesting automated projects, and love to problem solve for the customer. These guys in the pics have nailed the sub arc process, and they’re always great to work with. They came up with a runner track solution, which kept the A2 tractor wheels straight down the beams. We’re so pleased the job is an ongoing success, and that we got to supply the equipment.

We always recommend submerged arc welding (SAW) whenever possible, as it allows for maximum weld control over the deposition rate, and penetration, when using a single wire, or multi-wire head setups, for fast prep fills on all plate thicknesses.

Because of the higher power amperage capabilities, and the flux fused / shielding process, submerged arc welding is the easiest and most efficient automated method of welding all materials, such as mild steel, stainless, Inconel, and more.

The robotic SAW process is the way to achieve maximum weld strength, deeper and full penetration, without cracks and hydrogen pockets (flux ovens advised). The weld bonds deeper within the parent steel, much more so than MAG welding, with lower dilution rates in relation to the parent / base metal, due to the flux shielding and cooling. Also, the operator gets to watch and drink tea whilst it welds away. What more could you want.

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