Services provided by Spectrum welding

Repair of Automated Welding Equipment

Our company facility set up allows us to repair even the largest of machines, with our engineers possessing mechanical and electrical expertise.

Whether it’s a faulty gearbox on a welding positioner, damaged tyre on a welding rotator wheel, sheared gears, bent shafts, burnt out old DC motor on a column and boom, we can repair your machine for you.

Get in contact to learn more about our service capabilities.

Refurbishment of Welding Equipment

Here at Spectrum Welding Supplies Ltd we specialise in reconditioning all welding equipment, with the aim to get that machine back into service. This used refurbished equipment is available to buy, at a reduced cost as opposed to buying new, and in stock available. If you have an old machine you’d like upgrading, get in touch with us via email.

We have a lot experience getting machines back to ‘as new’, fully gutting and stripping down every type of automated welder, including self-aligning welding rotators and manipulators. We then fit new drive systems with brand new electronics, AC inverter control systems, new force-cooled AC motors / braked motors, new cabling, new machined parts, with steelwork sanded / shot blasted and freshly painted.

We buy used welding equipment

If you have any welding machines you would like to sell, we may be interested in buying them.

We buy used welding equipment to either reburbish, or to offer customers great value second hand serviced welding machines.

Please send us pictures and info of anything you want to part with.

Welding plant calibration

Spectrum Welding Supplies provide a full range of welding plant calibration site services, capable of all analogue and digital meter validation calibration for MIG, TIG, MMA, welder generators, submerged arc, air arc gouging, welding rod ovens, and flux holding ovens.

We also offer a comprehensive testing service for gas equipment, including regulators, flow meters, purging lines, and oven gas meters.

Our welding plant calibrations adhere to the highest accredited standards, with engineers trained and certified to bsi, complying with the requirements of BS EN IEC 60974-1:2018, ISO 17662:2016, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and UKAS.