ESAB FILARC 56S 2.5mm VacPac 7016 Electrodes | 6.3kg

£150.00 exc VAT

FILARC 56S (2.5mm x 350mm)

This is a basic thin coated AC/DC low-hydrogen electrode that provides excellent mechanical properties. This E7016-1 H4 R electrode ensures fully penetrated pipe root passes even under adverse conditions.

Low moisture content of the coating has a high resistance to moisture re-absorption, typically used off-shore / marine / wet envrionments. The electrode is CTOD-tested.

7016 low-hydrogen electrodes are designed to stay dryer for longer in moist environments, and especially needed if electrode quivers / rod ovens are not available on site.

7016 electrodes don’t struggle to strike-up when using a standard 110V stick welder that only has 68V OCV (Open Circuit Voltage). 7018 electrodes typically need a machine that has 78V OCV, such as the ESAB Rogue ES 200 stick welder.

6.3kg carton (9 x 36 rods per pack)


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MMA Weld Material

Mild Steel



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MMA Filler Metal

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Mild Steel

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