ESAB Rebel™ EMP 215ic Synergic MIG MMA Stick welder

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£1,700.00 exc VAT

We think that the ESAB Rebel 215 is the best dedicated portable Synergic MIG welder on the market.

Interstingly, when we tested MIG welding 1.0mm aluminimum with the MB15 x 3mtr torch, the Rebel 215 wire drive-system had zero snagging issues.


  • MB15 x 3mtr air cooled MIG torch (200amp rated)
  • 200amp x 5mtr 25mm² earth lead
  • 2mtr 20bar 6mm quick release 3/8th nut argon hose
  • 0.8mm – 1.0mm V-Groove solid MIG wire drive rollers
  • NOTE. Please email us to specify plug (240v 16amp blue will be fitted)

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Part no. 0700300985

Product Description

True multi-process performance for best-in-class dual-voltage 110-240V, MIG, Synergic MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick, including 6010 Stick electrodes, and Lift TIG welding, with the Rebel EMP 215ic.

Exclusive sMIG (“smart MIG”) feature continuously learns and adapts to the operator’s welding technique to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds; increases productivity for the experienced welder, and reduces training time for novice welders

Innovative display has larger display screen and higher pixel density to provide a more clear view of the TFT screen than other light industrial welders; loaded with exclusive features: on-demand availability of the user’s manual, listing of spare parts – all in multiple languages

Unique, five-handle roll cage industrial design and unibody steel construction in a lightweight, highly portable unit; 3-year handle-to-handle warranty.

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Additional information

ESAB Rogue EMP 215ic specification

Voltage, 120VAC, 208/230 VAC
Max Output, 240 A
MIG Welding Output
130 A/20.5 V (120 V) @ 20% Duty Cycle
205 A/24.3 V (230 V) @ 25% Duty Cycle
MMA Welding Output
90 A/23.6 V (120 V) @ 40% Duty Cycle
180 A/27.2 V (230 V) @ 25% Duty Cycle
TIG Welding Output
130 A/15.2 V (120 V) @ 40% Duty Cycle
180 A/17.2 V (230 V) @ 30% Duty Cycle

Weight 18.2 kg
Dimensions 58.4 × 22.9 × 40.6 cm
Equipment Type

MIG Welding



MIG Feeder Reach


Supply Voltage

110V, 240V

1 review for ESAB Rebel™ EMP 215ic Synergic MIG MMA Stick welder

  1. Chris

    Bought one off Spectrum last year and a Rebel 320 a few years before for farm equipment we fabricate. The Rebel 215 is lighter in weight and we use it more often on thinner mild steel on 0.8mm wire. We were running 1.0mm wire for 4mm to 4mm but went onto 0.8mm and it’s made a world of difference. Spectrum had the 0.8mm drive rollers in stock and the 12.50 copper-free bare wire which is all we use now.

    Joe also sorted me with a spare anti-spatter lens for my Rebel 320 screen (couldn’t see through it at all). We couldn’t find a part number for that Rebel lens but Spectrum found it and keep them in stock for me. Always had ESAB and a Caddy MIG 200 before and they’ve never let me down. I’ll be sticking with ESAB and Spectrum.



    • Joe Fitzpatrick

      Aup Chris. Thanks for leaving a review. I always love our chats on the Trade Counter. The new products you’re manufacturing are very impressive and ESAB was always the way to go.

      Thanks again and see you soon.


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