ESAB Renegade ET 300iP DC HF Air Cooled TIG Weld Package

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£2,800.00 exc VAT

The Renegade ET 300ip air cooled TIG is one the best HF DC portable TIG welders on the whole market.

Whether used on single-phase 240v or 3-phase 415V, there’s no HF DC TIG welder better than this. We’ve supplied the Renegade 300 TIG for years and they’ve never let us down. The model has set for the standard for power to weight ration, and are as portable as they come. They’ve been a major asset on our hire fleet, and have only ever had great feedback from customers. We highly advise this machine for up to 15mm to 15mm mild steel and stainless.

Part no. 0445100920


Product Description


  • 1 off,  Pro WP26 rigid neck x 4mtr air cooled TIG torch c/w Renegade fittings
  • 1 off,  400amp x 5mtr 35mm² earth lead with 35-50mm² Dinse plug
  • 1 off,  2mtr 20bar 6mm ID argon hose c/w 3/8th nut
  • 1 off,  415V 32amp 5-pin red plug
  • 3 years warranty
  • WP26 longer 8mtr torch available upon request
  • WP26-flexi neck option available upon request
  • Foot pedal (5 or 10mtr) available upon request 0445550881
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Additional information

  • 240V and 415V
  • Capable of running on 6x 15mtr 415V (5-core x 6mm²) SY extension leads
  • Air cooled
  • Portable
  • Pulsed
  • 300amps @ 40% (4 minutes continuous / 6 minutes cool down)
  • 250amps @ 60% (6 minutes continuous / 4 minutes cool down)
  • 200amps @ 100% (10 minutes continuous / 10 minutes cool down)
  • Designed for extreme conditions including up to +55°C ambient temperature
  • Rugged and hard wearing panels with 3 handles
  • Weight: 16.9kg
Equipment Type

TIG Welding



1 review for ESAB Renegade ET 300iP DC HF Air Cooled TIG Weld Package

  1. Joe Fitzpatrick

    The Renegade 300 is the best DC HF TIG welder on the market. This welder has been designed for ultimate portability, is powerful, has an outstanding arc characteristic, and can easily stick weld cellulosic electrodes (and is probably the best inverter stick welder you can buy in its class). The display is user friendly, and has been very well laid out for quick alterations. It’s a very easy machine to use, and has a full range of parameter settings for fine-tuning mild steel and stainless TIG welds.

    Here at Spectrum, we’ve come across most makes and models of welding machines (new and old), and have tested them extensively in our workshop. Importantly, we have extensive post-hire / sale feedback from welder operators in the field, and know what a machine can and can’t do, and if it’s right for your application. If a customer ever needs advice, please email us at , as we are here to help you properly get the most out of that bit of equipment, and to make sure you get your money’s worth. For example, as much as we love the equivalent Miller Maxstar 280 DX DC HF air cooled TIG welder, the ESAB Renegade ET 300iP has a more heavy duty build design, has arguably just as good arc characteristic, if not better, and is £1,400 cheaper.

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