ESAB Savage A40 Air Package

£550.00 exc VAT

The Savage A40 Air package is ideal for welders looking for comfort and practicality. This is a welding screen that is designed for all types of workshops and applications, where a high-quality, reliable and robust welding helmet is all that’s needed.

Combined with the new ESAB EPR-X1 PAPR backpack, the Savage A40 Air provides uncompromising protective performance for welding activities. The EPR-X1 slimline PAPR system offers more power, efficinecy, user-selectable airflow control and TH2-level filtration for fine particulates.

EASB Savage A40 has an ADF light filtration that provides True Colour viewing of the weld pool with adjustable controls. It also has a grind mode button for easy switching between grinding and welding.



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Welding Helmet


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