1.0mm ESAB OK Autrod 309LSi Stainless to Mild MIG Welding Wire | 15 kg

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OK Autrod 309LSi

A continuous solid corrosion resistant chromium-nickel wire for welding stainless steel to mild steel (similar steels), wrought and cast steels of 23% Cr-12% Ni types.

When welding carbon to SS, 309 filler metal is needed because of its higher ferrite content. This higher iron content can minimize weld dilution (weakening of base metal being welded to) and prevent weld cracking, whilst also preventing intergranular corrosion cracking of the stainless properties.

This ESAB 309 is an LSi grade which means more silicone content which serves as a deoxidizer and helps remove weld impurities, whilst increasing weld puddle fluidity.

The alloy is also used for welding of buffer layers on CMn steels and welding of dissimilar joints. When using the wire for buffer layers and dissimilar joints it is necessary to control the dilution of the weld.

OK Autrod 309LSi has a good general corrosion resistance. The higher silicon content improves the welding properties, such as wetting.

Click this link to ESAB’s website to learn more about welding 309 LSi.

Product Description

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MIG TIG Weld Material

Stainless Steel

Weld Metal Type

MIG Filler Metal


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