ArcGen Weldmaker 500 CC/CV diesel welder generator

£24,000.00 exc VAT

ArcGen Weldmaker 500CC/CV (new Stage 5 Engine)

This diesel welder generator is the most powerful and resourceful multi-process in Arc Gen’s welder range. We’ve rarely ir ever had any issues over the last 25 years of supplying Arc Gen. We really do rate the Weldmaker 330 CC/CV, 400 CC/CV, and 500 CC/CV models over any other diesel welder generator, with us having dozens on our hire fleet, having tested and handled countless, and seeing what they can do on a daily / weekly basis.

It is also worth noting that these are super ‘duper’ silent, and a lot quiter than the Lincoln Electric Vantage 410 and Vantage 500 we have in stock for sale, and on the hire fleet. The Arc Gen offers the ability to simultaneously use both DC welding output and AC aux output, with 3-phase and single-phase auxiliary outputs at your diosposal.

However, please note. you CAN NOT air arc gouge ‘and’ have a 415V or 240v compressor plugged into an aux socket at the same time! It will blow this macgine up. When used for air arc gouging, a seperate dedicated compressor is required.

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Download the ArcGen Weldmaker 500 specification

Product Description


WELDING OUTPUT CC Mode: 40 to 500 amps DC
CV Mode: 14 – 37 Volts DC
3 Phase 415V AC 50Hz 15kVA 20.8amp
1 Phase 110V AC 50Hz 3kVA
1 x 32amp & 2 x 16amp output receptacles
ENGINE TYPE EU Stage IIIA Kubota V1505 four cylinder
water cooled diesel engine with electric start
FUEL CONSUMPTION 3.79 litres per hour
RUNNING TIME Up to 12 hours

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Additional information

The new model Arc Gen Weldmaker 500 CC/CV 'Stage 5 emissions' welds up 6mm electrodes with precise welding control, variable amperage adjustment, whilst the digital setting and output gauges allows operators to monitor and accurately control current and power.

With latest engine technology from Kubota, it provides up to 12 hours of operation. Advanced safety features are fitted as standard including auto shut down, fault diagnosis display and earth leakage breaker.

Weight 647 kg
Dimensions 253.5 × 126 × 124.5 cm
Equipment Type

MIG Welding, MMA Welding


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