2.4mm ESAB OK Tigrod 13.22 ER90S-G | 5kg

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We stock and sell specific grade high strength TIG filler rods for specialist steels designed to withstand contracting and expanding steels when exposed to high temperatures, such as OK Tigrod 13.22 ER90S-G, for service temperatures up to 600°C.

This is a low alloyed, chromium-molybdenum (2,5% Cr, 1,0% Mo) copper coated TIG rod for welding creep resistant steels of the same type, such as pipes in pressure vessels and boilers.

The rod can also be used for welding low-alloyed high strength steels with a minimum yield strength less than 400 Mpa. For service temperatures up to 600°C. Similar to AWS A5.28 ER80S-B2.

Part no. 132224R150


Product Description

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Weight 5 kg
Weld Metal Type

TIG Filler Metal

MIG TIG Weld Material

Duplex Stainless




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