ESAB Renegade ET 300ip HF DC water cooled portable TIG welder package

£4,500.00 exc VAT

The best 300amp water cooled HF DC TIG welder available today on the entire market.

Nothing comes close to power and portability. A beautiful machine, with an extremely stable arc at full power.

Product Description


  • 1 off,  ESAB Renegade ET 300ip power source inverter welder
  • 1 off,  Powerful ESAB EC 1000 water cooled 0445045880 and connecting cables
  • 1 off,  Weldcraft type WP20-Flexi neck x 8mtr light-weight leather sheathed water cooled TIG torch c/w Renegade fittings
  • 1 off,  400amp x 5mtr 35mm² earth lead with 35-50mm² Dinse plug
  • 1 off,  2mtr 20bar 6mm ID argon hose c/w 3/8th nut
  • 1 off,  415V 32amp 5-pin red plug
  • 3 years warranty
  • Foot pedal (5 or 10mtr) available upon request 0445550881
  • Shoulder strap available upon request part no. 0445197880









  • 240V and 415V
  • DC (for mild steel & stainless) HF TIG and MMA stick welder
  • Capable of running on 6x 15mtr 415V (5-core x 6mm²) SY extension leads
  • Water cooled
  • Portable
  • Pulsed
  • WP20 water cooled torch duty rating on DC: 250amps @ 100% (10 minutes continuous @ 250amps)
  • 300amps @ 40% (4 minutes continuous / 6 minutes cool down)
  • 250amps @ 60% (6 minutes continuous / 4 minutes cool down)
  • 200amps @ 100% (10 minutes continuous / 10 minutes cool down)
  • Designed for extreme conditions including up to +55°C ambient temperature
  • Rugged and hard wearing panels with 3 handles
  • Weight: 26.9kg
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